10X Your Business Productivity... in 7 Days
The 7 Day Challenge To Becoming The Productive & Empowered Entrepreneur You Were Meant To Be!
What Does Empowered Entrepreneur Mean To You...?
From: Yannis Pantelis 
Location: Manchester, UK
What Does ''Empowered Entrepreneur'' Mean To YOU...?
For everyone it is different! And here lies the beauty of it... 

For some of you, is becoming the person that creates an impact on the world by identifying your exact goals in business and your why !

For others, is becoming more motivated and productive, so that you scale your business and earn more money!

And finally, for some of you, is achieving freedom and reclaiming your work-life balance back, so you can spend more time with your partner, your spouse or your kids.
 Before I share with you MY VISION for this challenge...let me ask you a few questions...!!
Please Check ALL Of The Questions Where Your Answer Is YES!
Are you procrastinating and wasting time doing tasks that you do not enjoy, every single day (and all day long)?
Do you feel a lack of motivation and energy that stops you from working on your business
Are you sacrificing your personal AND dating life for the sake of your business?
Are you hustling and grinding ALL DAY (and EVERY day)
Are you trying to find ways to share your message to more people and make a bigger impact to the world?
Do you feel overwhelmed from ALL the tasks that need to be done?
Do you want to have more FREEDOM and TIME to spend with the people that you love?
Are you passionate with self-improvement & you want to find ways improving yourself and developing new skills?
Are you looking for ways to develop a team but you don't know where to start?
If You Checked Any Of The Boxes Above, Then Keep Reading...
Entrepreneurs are facing a crisis!
You are not going to like me for this, but I want to remind you of a story...

Once upon a time, you took the decision to becoming an entrepreneur...
You wanted to have REAL freedom, being your own boss and earn money while making an impact to the world.  You wanted to travel, work from literally anywhere and be surrounded by some really cool people...

But look at you now...
Is this what your ''real'' freedom looks like?

Being strapped to your computer all day? 
Neglecting the relationships with the people around you? 
Neglecting yourself?

This is not ''real'' freedom...This is a prison!

You are wearing some golden handcuffs and you are ''hustling'' because it sounds sexy as a concept.

I know it sucks. I know cause I've been there.
All the sleepless nights feeling overwhelmed and stressed! 
All the nights working alone when my friends were having fun together.
All the times that I wanted to give up cause I was feeling lonely and empty on the inside...

Here is the thing:
Entrepreneurship is not about hustling!
Entrepreneurship is about serving people and changing the world WHILE living YOUR life to the fullest...

The day I realized that, everything changed...

I started a journey to reclaim my freedom back and scale my business while living each day to the fullest.

Throughout this process, I discovered some insights and strategies to achieve that and... 
I want to share these with you!
Helping Others
I want to share these strategies with you because I believe in YOU! 
You do have a power ready to be unleashed, ready to be unlocked...

After I transformed myself from an overworked entrepreneur to an empowered business owner, I dedicated myself to helping others!
Check out some of our success stories below and get inspired...
How Cool Is That?

Now, listen...
If THEY were able to do this!
Damn, if I was able to do this!

Then, you can do this as well! You really can...

Now that I've successfully gotten out of my own rut, I am on a MISSION to help others just like YOU get moving onto the path of Unstoppable Power. I want to create empowered and productive entrepreneurs all over the world. 
That IS indeed my mission. That IS indeed my why.

Best of all...I'm confident that I can help you massively kick-start the process over the next 7 days!

Sound good? Let's do this...
You Are Invited!
Welcome To The Empowered Entrepreneur FREE 7 Day Challenge
Here's What We'll Cover When You Join Us...
Day 1 - Entrepreneur Mindset
Our first step would be to define any limiting and disempowering belief you might have and then replace it with solid empowering beliefs that will help you succeed on your journey! Everything starts with your mindset and we will make sure to bulletproof it so that nobody can stop you!
Day 2 - Define Your WHY
We will then create a crystal clear WHY (or vision if you will) both for you AND your business that will accelerate your motivation! When you know the reason for why you are working everyday, then your action becomes effortless...
Day 3 - Set Your Goals
Next step would be to define your goals for your business and make sure that are realistic and actionable! Many entrepreneurs are working without knowing EXACTLY what's the end goal. But not you, not you after the challenge. We will solidify your goals and then...
Day 4 - Create The Action Plan
We will develop an easy-to-follow strategy, which will lead you step-by-step to your end goal!
Having goals is awesome, for sure, but having also an actionable plan, will accelerate your results and will transform them into a reality...
Day 5 - Create Accountability
We are surrounded by negative people and that is holding us back. On the 5th day of the challenge we will not only demolish any toxic relationship from your life but we will mostly create an empowering environment around you to support you AND hold you accountable so that your goals become your reality!
Day 6 - Morning Routines
We will develop from scratch a morning routine filled with habits that will make you more productive and energetic! The way you start your day, is the way you live your life and lead your business. Imagine waking up full with energy and excitement...
Day 7 - Productivity Hacks
Finally we will optimize your action taking by implementing the right productivity hacks to make your action taking almost effortless and your efficiency supercharged!
Daily Video Modules AND Assignments
Private Accountability Facebook Group
Daily LIVE Group Q&A Sessions
1on1 Kick-Off Call
What You're Gonna Get...
7-Day Virtual Coaching with Yannis Pantelis AND his team to inspire and empower you ($2,100 Value)
Access to the Recorded Coaching Calls ($297 Value)
Access to our Private Empowered Entrepreneur Challenge Facebook Group ($500 Value)
Your FREEDOM back & Supercharged Productivity (Priceless, right?)
When You Complete The Challenge You Will...
  • Have CLARITY on where you’re headed and begin to feel more in alignment with your Truth. 
  • Discover what’s been holding you back and have a bulletproof plan for releasing those blocks.
  • ​ Feel BRAVER! (You’ll be ready to step outside your comfort zone when the opportunity presents itself...)
  • ​ Be prepared to tackle the curveballs life throws your way.
  • ​Have the tools you need to unlock your message and unleash it into the world in order to create more impact.
PLUS you’ll have an entire family supporting you on your path...
Who This Challenge Is For?
- You feel Like You are NOT ENOUGH and WANT TO CHANGE
- You are looking forward to CREATE IMPACT to the world with your business
- You are SICK and TIRED of Not Feeling Fulfilled Despite Having External Success.
- You are looking to FIND YOUR PURPOSE in Life and Business.
- You are STRUGGLING to MAKE RELATIONSHIPS with people that support you
- You want to Live a life on your OWN TERMS
- You want to UNDERSTAND the Key to REAL ABUNDANCE
The list goes on…
If this resonates with you, welcome aboard on a journey not many individuals know about...
Who This Challenge Is NOT  For?
- If you are SATISFIED with where your life is right now…
- If you enjoy being consumed and controlled by your own business…
- If you lack ambition and enjoy living in MEDIOCRITY...
- If you live your life as a pawn, going along with everyone else’s plans…
- If you are unwilling to open your mind to the possibility that you are POWERFUL BEYOND MEASURE…
- If you want to be ran and lead by your business...
- If you are willing to let your ONE life to pass by without enjoy it...
- If you are enjoying a life where you are alone, without an empowered network of awesome people...
- If you want to be strapped to your computer and work 24/7/365 with ZERO free time...
I’d rather not continue because
I know this is not YOU… "RIGHT?"
Meet Your Mentor:
 Yannis Pantelis
Yannis Pantelis is a productivity expert and motivational speaker based in Manchester, UK.

 In addition to running his speaking gigs, Yannis is also a PhD candidate in Engineering at the University of Manchester, a consultant in one of the biggest Self-Help American Companies and an entrepreneur with a healthy work-life balance.
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